Monday, 31 May 2010

Evie big hand

My little cutie niece Evie, I made her right hand really big and I experimenting with making her eyes really big too like they did for Johnny Depp in the resent Alice in wonderland movie. It's just footage from my really poor quality hard disk camera so I didn't want to invest too much time in it, I need to hire a good camera and play some more.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

stop motion pug

This is my most watched video on youtube (mostly because it has "pug" in the title I'm sure)uploaded in 2006. Showing the stages I go through in making one of my 1/12th scale dolls house collectibles.

stationary cupboard

This is my first 3D animation made in Max, I got a really good mark and was quite please with myself


This is my first stop motion project for my MA course, I definitely need to return to this project is was such a rush job and I still hadn't really learnt after effects that well at this point.

wait for me

This is a film I made for a Moby music video competition. The film footage was directed by a friend of mine. I think I will return to this project and give it a cool sound track and take out all the romanticised bathing at the beginning and make it more old skool B movie horror.


This is my contribution to a group project on my MA course

My Dorito advert

This is my own entry in to the Doritos Advert Competition. I know it's a bit confusing because I crammed so much in to 29 seconds and the voice overs were left to the last time and perhaps sound too similar.

Dorito FX work

This is an entry for the Doritos Advert Competition written and directed by the guy in it. I had to edit it down to exactly 29 seconds as the over acting made the whole script over a minute long, I added the TV effects to hopefully disguise all the cuts mid sentence. The meteorite should really have been like the third person on screen which would have saved me from having to keyframe every single frame around the jazz hands but heyho, I could have done this alot better but I was only given about three days to do it and I was also doing my own advert.


clip from my time project at early stage, I still need to sort out the flip back to the original hand as the light had changed too much for a smooth transaction and the figure at the end is on screen before she should be.


clip from my time project, still playing with it :)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The End

I'm nearing the end of term on my MA in digital Film and Animation then it's just my final project to contend with.

Sadly I'm studying and the London Metropolitan University which has been an epic mistake as the place is falling apart and hasn't brought any film or computer equipment for at least 10 years. I also had no idea it had stolen £36. million from the government and axed half it's work force just before I started there. If I had know it was the worst uni in the country I would have never gone there but apparently the Met was able to opt out of being in the nationally printed league tables. Jokers...and I've been robbed of five grand.